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Urban Economic Development

Insights and strategies for leaders in urban economic development

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A new approach to urban economic development: From research to implementation

Through a unique alliance with Next Street, ICIC now brings a bigger tool-kit to the challenges of urban economic development. 

Together, ICIC and Next Street deliver the knowledge and the know-how to achieve sustainable economic and job growth. ICIC's one-of-a-kind research and industry cluster analysis inform long-term strategies that make the most of local assets. ICIC has also developed a reputation for bringing city officials, business executives and community leaders together to effectively design private sector-led strategies that capitalize on a community's competitive advantage.

Next Street provides the hands-on advice and access to financing that cities and institutions need to expand and create jobs. Next Street helps cities and institutions do more by improving strategic focus, organizational strength, communications and implementation. Next Street is a leader in community development financing that involves public, private and nonprofit capital partners.

The ICIC-Next Street Alliance bridges the gap between economic development strategies and practical application at street level to ensure that urban investments succeed over time.

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ICIC and Next Street can help your anchor institution create a shared value.

Hundreds of anchor institutions - universities, medical centers and cultural facilities - call inner cities home. Understanding that anchors play a critical role in urban areas, Next Street and ICIC have a particular focus on these institutions.

Anchor institutions are often looked as to purchasers, workforce developers, and community infrastructure builders in their communities. ICIC and Next Street have advised some of the country's leading anchors on how they can spark local economic development and create jobs, while improving their supply chains, identifying budget savings, and creating a better community for their employees.

To learn more about ICIC's advising services, contact Matt Camp,

CEO Insights

Rico Brand

Salt Lake City, UT

  • ICIC uses research as a framing device to strip out the emotion and force companies and civic groups to see the actual opportunities in a city.

George Gendron,

Managing Director

The Build Network

  • We need to bring non-profits and for-profits together to drive results.

Professor Michael E. Porter,

Founder and Chairman


  • The real value of our alliance with ICIC will be in connecting our networks to spread best practices and help others be more effective.

Ron Walker II,

Managing Partner

Next Street

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