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Resources for Inner City CEOs

Capital, know-how and the tools to succeed

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Links to Online Resources

ICIC has compiled online resource to address business needs specific to inner city companies. Organized under the headings Financial Services, Business Advisory & Technical Services, and Management Education, each page links to a curated group of knowledge providers and resources. They are meant to provide a starting point for urban CEOs to solve business problems and subsequently grow jobs, income and wealth in communities around the nation.

Financial Services
Whether to smooth out cash flow or spur path-breaking growth, capital is the lifeblood of commerce, urban and otherwise.  However, businesses often have capital needs that are not met, especially businesses in inner cities. 71% of inner city businesses are dramatically undercapitalized, having on average only a quarter of the capital needed to compete in their industries. The following resources help address the challenges urban businesses face when trying to access growth capital.

Business Advisory and Technical Services
While big business is serviced by a multitude of analysts, industry specialists, and consultants, small and specifically urban businesses tend to be more reliant on in-house talent. To remedy this disparity, the following resources offer targeted advisory support to urban business owners ranging from capital structure analysis to procurement services.

Management Education
While a formal business school education is certainly an option, there are a wealth of opportunities out there for urban business executives to get the skills they need to succeed without taking significant time off from running their companies. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur looking to impose structure on your passion or a seasoned executive trying to get up to date on the latest management insights, odds are that one of the following resources will fulfill your individual needs.

CEO Insights

Coyote Logistics

Chicago, IL


Staples is one of the leading providers of office solutions and is committed to the development of small businesses. The company not only offers an easy shopping experience, but is also a place to learn about the newest technology like tablets and how small businesses succeed in a modern world. Get the facts from the experts at Staples for all of your office needs.

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