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Resources for Inner City CEOs

Capital, know-how and the tools to succeed

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ICCC is now accepting nominations and applications for small business participants. Learn more.

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ICCC: Helping Businesses Achieve Sustainable Growth

Since 2005, ICCC participants have raised $1.22 billion in capital for their companies and created 10,930 jobs in their communities.

After a successful program year with executive education seminars in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Memphis and Dallas, ICCC is now gearing up for its annual conference in New York City. A networking event designed around the participant experience, this year's edition will once again join hundreds of inner city business executives with industry leaders and top-tier capital investors.


Here, ICCC program participants have the opportunity to put their learning into action, market their company, and connect with capital providers. Non-program participants are also invited to attend and network, discover new businesses, and market their own in the Marketplace, the conference central showcase featuring products and services from some of the country’s most innovative and progressive inner city businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions

ICCC helps growing inner city businesses:

  • Optimize business growth strategy to attract capital providers
  • Obtain one-on-one feedback from seasoned capital providers and practitioners
  • Market the business - ICCC companies have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street JournalReutersInc.PortfolioPE HubMSN Money, and Small Business Television

Download the 2014 ICCC Impact Report


About the Program

Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) is a national program that helps small businesses in economically distressed areas access capital, achieve sustainable growth, and connect with debt and equity providers. Executive education seminars, provided by top-tier professors from leading entrepreneurship institutions, offer participants an immersion experience in practical skills ranging from talent management and entrepreneurial finance to marketing and investor pitch presentations. Participant executives are also matched for intensive coaching sessions with high-profile capital investors, provided through an exclusive portfolio with our partners. ICCC’s culminating event is the annual networking conference at FORTUNE Magazine, where there are opportunities for participants to put learning to practice by pitching to capital investors or marketing their business in the Inner City Marketplace. The program tuition is waived for selected participants. 

For more additional resources and information about accessing capital for your business, visit our Links to Online Resources section.  For more information about ICCC, contact Hyacinth Vassell at or 617-238-3019.

ICCC Participant Seville Staffing on Access to Capital

  • I wish I was here 10 years ago

Joe Grigg,

President, Packaging Strategies

Baltimore, MD

  • 10 out of 10. This far exceeded my expectations

Gary Hobbs,

President, BWI

Indianapolis, IN

  • This has been my MBA wrapped up into 1 day! Absolutely fabulous. It was definitely worth the trip from Oklahoma. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Deemah Ramadan,

Partner, Design + Build Group

Oklahoma City, OK

  • I would recommend this conference to everyone in business 

Patrick Ralph,

President, Pediatric Dental Wellness

Houston, TX

  • This program has, in one day, propelled me to think about my business in another dimension 

Nadine Cino,

CEO, Tyga-Box Systems

New York, NY

  • Through ICCC we made a number of connections with people that will serve us well in our next equity round 

Arnulfo Ventura,


Los Angeles, CA

  • ICCC gave us a lot of exposure locally and nationally. We are building brand equity. We get more calls than we know what to do with now.

Angela Cauley,

CEO, Coalescence

Columbus, OH

  • It got me out of the office and thinking about bigger picture business issues

Andy Phillip,

President, Microlution

Chicago, IL

  • I don’t think I would have been able to receive this information from any other place. This experience has enriched my life and business. 

Gloria Freeman,

CEO, Olu

Minneapolis, MN

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