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Resources for Inner City CEOs

Capital, know-how and the tools to succeed

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Inner City 100: Celebrating Urban Entrepreneurship at its best 

For sixteen years, ICIC has been identifying and spotlighting 100 of the fastest-growing businesses located in America's inner cities.  These businesses, led by some of today’s most creative entrepreneurs, prove that not only can companies thrive in inner cities, but that inner city companies can enjoy unique competitive advantages.

The Inner City 100 list is published annually in FORTUNE and announced at the Inner City 100 Symposium and Awards.

Inner City 100 successes have inspired political and business leaders, academics and the media. The program has led to innovative investment programs, helped blaze a path for other inner city entrepreneurs, and provided enormous stimulus for change in local communities.

The Inner City 100 Symposium and Awards. Companies that make the list are invited to a two-day event featuring management education seminars for Inner City 100 CEOs and an awards ceremony that historically draws more than 500 guests. 


View a List of Past Inner City 100 Winners

For more information about the Inner City 100, contact Kate Haggerty at 617.238.3015 or

Nominating Partners

Inner City 100 Alumni

Winners, join the Inner City 100 Alumni Channel to connect with each other and share resources.

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