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Resources for Inner City CEOs

Capital, know-how and the tools to succeed

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Know-how from ICIC

The most successful inner city companies have figured out how to succeed in both advantageous and challenging environments. In fact, a higher percentage of them are actually located in the 50 slowest-growing inner city areas in the U.S. ICIC has spent a decade analyzing the business factors that make a difference in the inner city.

ICIC has learned what more companies need to succeed:

  • Utilize capital resources to grow your business. Capital access is a hurdle even for elite inner city entrepreneurs. Inner city companies are nearly five times more likely than others to finance growth through personal assets, friends and family.  This resource guide outlines the full spectrum of capital programs and resources, along with associated eligibility requirements, available for growing small businesses. Download guide. 
  • Break through to bigger corporate procurement contracts. Only 25% of inner city companies target decision-makers in the three largest procurement opportunities: corporate, university and medical centers. This briefing paper provides owners of small, minority- and women-owned firms with five proven strategies to win contracts.  Download article.
  • Leverage anchor institutions to grow your business. Anchor institutions are large educational, medical or cultural organizations that are deeply rooted in their local geographies and economies. Understand how to utilize anchors to grow your revenues significantly, recruit and train employees and access low-cost, world-class advisory and consulting services to build business capacity. Download guide.
  • Learn from and connect with other successful urban entrepreneurs. Fast-growing firms on ICIC's Inner City 100 list reveal some critical success factors for inner city businesses. Maintaining continuity in a downturn and taking advantage of inner city assets are among the surprising findings. Download paper.

Expertise from business leaders

ICIC's monthly CEO Series is a free, interactive webinar with senior executives who share their unique expertise. Focusing on a different topic each month, from pricing to marketing to financing options, these discussions will help your company succeed in today’s urban marketplace.

Join Dr. Sally Augustin for our upcoming CEO Series: Designing an Engaging Workspace to Increase Productivity
Wednesday, February 24th
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM EST


Cyber Security: Are You Certain Your Data Is Protected?

Data Literacy: Exploring the Potential of Big Data

Improving Your Business Performance

Using Data to Increase Your Business Growth

Leading the Life You Want - Skills for Integrating Work and Life

Selling Beyond Your own Market with Digital

How Does Social Media Affect Search Engine Rankings?

Branding Strategies for Leadership

Creating Real Demand for Your Products and Services

3D Printing: The Next Manufacturing Revolution?

The Nitty Gritty of Low to Mid Market Mergers and Acquisitions

Bitcoin: Hot Air or Currency Revolution?

Crowdfunding: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Branding and Networking: Smart Marketing is Simple Marketing

The Double Bottom Line: Insights from Three Successful Companies

Branding and Networking: Smart Marketing is Simple Marketing

Business Models and Innovation In Your Market

Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and Innovation in an Uncertain World

Brand Differentiation

When Banks Say No (or Not Yet), Accounts Receivable Lenders May Say Yes!

Value Selling for the Entrepreneur

Social Media for Small Business

What are Impact Investors Looking For?

Growing a Family-Owned Business

Negotiating with a Potential Investor

What are Angel Investors Looking For?

Alternative Strategies for Financing your Contracts and Purchasing Orders

Full Spectrum of Financing Options (Video)

Redefining Your Value Proposition (PowerPoint)

Turning Twitter followers into dollars (PowerPoint)

Hiring and keeping the best talent (PowerPoint)

Using social media to grow your business (PowerPoint)

Checklist for final negotiations with a potential investor (PowerPoint)

Securing government contracts (PowerPoint)

For more additional resources and information, visit our Links to Online Resources section.

Data Literacy: Exploring the Potential of Big Data

Presented by Leslie Bradshaw, Managing Partner at Made by Many

for our monthly Inner City Insights.

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