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Markets and Opportunities

Companies, customers and opportunities in the urban marketplace

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Uncovering economic advantage in the inner city

Businesses acting as businesses, not as charitable givers, can have a greater sustained effect on urban prosperity than any institution or public initiative. ICIC was founded on one driving principle: the power of private-sector engagement and business development is critical to generating sustained economic prosperity in America's urban areas. 

ICIC guides corporate partners and institutions on how to leverage the assets of inner cities to improve their own competitive position, while accelerating economic growth in urban communities.

  • ICIC is working with the Cleveland Clinic to develop a model for the role anchor institutions, such as medical centers, cultural facilities, universities and major corporate employers, can play in expanding urban economies as they improve their core products and services.
  • ICIC is advising Goldman Sachs about the application and selection process for the "10,000 Small  Businesses Initiative," a $500 million commitment to provide education, mentoring, technical assistance and capital access to underserved businesses. 
  • ICIC is working with Staples Inc. and other major retailers through its retail modeling forum to discuss best practices for site selection in urban areas. 
  • ICIC is helping Bank of America and its private equity partners find and validate investment-ready companies as part of the Inner City Capital Connections program. 

The organization advises on site selection, market potential and useful strategic partnerships in cities.

ICIC provides its corporate and institutional partners with unique economic data including:

  • Demographic trends
  • Job and wage data
  • Income density
  • Retail supply and demand
  • Business size by revenues and headcount
  • Industry clusters
  • Commercial real estate activity
  • Investment capital flows

ICIC invites you to get a market profile of your inner city and others. For broader access or an in-depth study, contact Nicki MacManus,, 617-297-3158.

CEO Insights

Intelect Corporation

Baltimore, MD

  • I invest in urban spaces because there is more emerging talent and more entrepreneurs than there is capital.

Josh Cohen,

Managing Director

City Lights

for our monthly Inner City Insights.

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