The Voice of Urban Opportunity [Infographic]

The Voice of Urban Opportunity [Infographic]

ICIC pursues it mission to bring wealth and economic opportunity to America's inner cities by focusing on two main efforts: a) strengthening urban business environments and b) growing small businesses. The above infographic outlines why ICIC focuses on inner cities as well as some of the organization's current work in cities across the country. Click here to download the infographic.

- Andria, above all your attitude is awsome and it’s what I pick up on and inspires me most. The one thing I learned this year is have a kick ass attitude and the photos will come naturally. I think you got that down and it’s just great to see your personality come through in your work. You inspire me to be a better me in 2012.

By Ericka on 08/03/2012

June 7th, 2012

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