Join The Urban Innovation Challenge

Join The Urban Innovation Challenge

Written by Beth Dowd

Do you have an idea that will spark an urban evolution?

Whether you’re an elected official, a professional planner, private-sector employer, or a general urban enthusiast, you’ve probably noted opportunities for cities to conquer a variety of economic challenges. You may even be able to finish this sentence: “This city would be even better if people would just work together to…”

Our colleagues nationwide have worked tirelessly not only to finish that sentence, but also to transform their ideas into examples of what's working for our cities.  The results have been tremendous. New York City’s Green Carts deliver fresh fruits, veggies, and employment opportunities; St. Louis is incubating the next generation of socially responsible businesses; and San Francisco has devised a better way to hire manufacturing talent.

Our yearlong efforts to share What Works for Cities culminates at our annual Inner City Economic Summit. This year, we want to go one step further and ask you not only what is being done – but also what should  and can be done in the cities of our future.

As cities evolve, we must respond in new ways to address emerging issues. Whether it’s tackling the skills gap with new workforce training, creating new resources for small business, or designing overarching policies to ensure growth, all sectors will need to collaborate in order to shape our urban ecosystems and create opportunity for inner city residents.                                 

We invite you to submit your ideas – your urban innovations – and share what will work for your city. Your creative and collaborative idea to create meaningful, beneficial, and scalable change may even earn you the opportunity to present at the Inner City Economic Summit in Cleveland on October 23rd.  

We’re excited to find out what the Next Urban Innovation may be!

Learn more and join the Urban Innovation Challenge.

August 6th, 2013

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