Today, we're in NYC to build Opportunity

The Big Apple: It’s an iconic U.S. city that represents our nation’s history of immigration, economic opportunity and freedom.  It’s no wonder that NYC was chosen as the host city for Opportunity Nation’s annual Summit—and we’re happy to join them today to hear stories of inspiration, to learn about new growth opportunities, and to hear leaders share their vision for the future of the American Dream.

By way of background, Opportunity Nation is a coalition of nearly 200 businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and military organizations founded to promote economic opportunity and social mobility. They strive to create better skills, better jobs, and better communities. Opportunity Nation is a campaign run through Alan Khazi’s (founder of CityYear) Be the Change, Inc. organization.

ICIC was an early coalition partner of Opportunity Nation because we believe that America cannot succeed if we do not address the economic inequality in this country. Our inner cities disproportionately suffer from high unemployment and poverty rates. For example: inner cities comprise only 0.1% of U.S. land area, are home to 8% of total U.S. population but comprise 19% of U.S. poverty and 31% of U.S. minority poverty. Clearly, we need to identify the opportunities for these residents in order to promote upward economic and social mobility.

Couldn’t make it to NYC to join us today? You can follow the conversation online by visiting We look forward to sharing ideas and building partnerships with all of these folks in the near future!  

November 4th, 2011


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