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About ICIC

The voice of urban opportunity

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ICIC’s partners gain as well as give

ICIC’s partners see market opportunity where others see only challenges. In almost every case, we forge working partnerships with these visionary organizations.

Our work with institutions and foundations helps advance knowledge of inner city economies and the economic strategies that inform successful urban policy.

Our corporate partners are in a position to directly increase inner city economic vitality by creating a shared value with their communities, and they do. ICIC helps them identify market opportunities, potential vendors, investments and public sector allies that are often invisible to their competitors.

Most big U.S. corporations know more about China than they do about our own inner cities. ICIC’s corporate partners are discovering untapped possibilities a lot closer to home.

ICIC is funded by program and event revenues as well as  grants from corporations and foundations. ICIC engages private-sector resources through a new concept of corporate philanthropy that draws on the core strengths of nationally recognized companies to identify market opportunities and leverage ICIC’s research.

Sustaining National Partners

Goldman Sachs
ICIC is partnering with Goldman Sachs to lead the application and selection process for the 10,000 Small Businesses initiative, a $500 million commitment to provide education mentoring, technical assistance and capital access to underserved businesses through community colleges and community development financial institutions.

Staples, Inc. 
Staples and ICIC developed the Inner City 100 Diversity Leadership Award to recognize an outstanding Inner City 100 winner that has impacted its community through quality job creation for the inner city’s diverse residents and underrepresented populations.  The award is presented annually at the Inner City 100 Awards. 

Chevron Corporation
Chevron Corporation and ICIC created the Dorothy Terrell Community Impact Award, which is presented annually at the Inner City 100 Awards to the Inner City 100 company that had the greatest impact on its community. Measurements for the award include quality job, income and wealth creation and engagement.

Bank of America
Through Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC), Bank of America and ICIC have identified investment-ready companies in more than 70 different inner cities. ICCC is the country’s only program that teaches growing inner city companies about capital and matches them with investors. Since 2005, participating companies have raised more than $1 billion in capital.

2013-2014 Partners

ICIC is grateful for the generosity of many corporate partners, foundations and individual contributors who provide funding to support ICIC’s mission.

The following individuals and organizations contributed $25,000 or more to ICIC in 2013/2014.

* Indicates a partner who has annually contributed $25,000 or more to ICIC for past five years (2010-2014). 

To learn more about what your organization can do with ICIC, contact Alexis Hyder, Director of Strategic Business Development, at or 617-238-3016.


Voice of Urban Opportunity


Sustaining Partners

  • Our internal associate base gets value out of this. People want to work for an institution that does positive social things. Every time we do an event with ICIC and we put it on our internal website, I get twenty to twenty-five calls asking, How can I be helpful?

Edward Powers,

Managing Director

Bank of America Capital Access Funds

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