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About ICIC

The voice of urban opportunity

Nominate a Successful Inner City Company

Do you know a high-growth firm that deserves recognition or needs capital? ICIC is accepting nominations for the Inner City Capital Connections and Inner City 100 Programs.


* Independent, for-profit corporation, partnership or proprietorship
* Inner city location – headquarters or 51%+ of physical operations in economically distressed urban areas of the U.S.
* Revenues of $2 million or more in 2013


* Independent, for-profit corporation, partnership or proprietorship
* Inner city location – headquarters or 51%+ of physical operations in economically distressed urban areas of the U.S.
* Ten or more full-time employees in the 2013
* 5-year growth history – sales of at least $200,000 in 2009 and at least $1 million in 2013; with no decrease in sales in 2013

Nominate a Company


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ICIC's mission is to drive economic prosperity in America's inner cities through private sector investment to create jobs, income and wealth for local residents. ICIC brings together corporate and financial leaders with public officials, civic groups and foundations to develop business-led solutions to challenges facing inner city economies.

  • ICIC, in collaboration with hundreds of local business and civic leaders, has advised more than a dozen U.S. cities about economic growth strategies.
  • Foundations and community organizations are focusing on market-driven approaches and supporting ICIC’s studies of local cluster job creation, new industrial strategies for cities and the capital gap impacting urban businesses.
  • Utilizing ICIC’s strategic framework, urban anchor institutions such as universities and healthcare institutions are leading the way in energizing the local economic ecosystems around their facilities.
  • ICIC’s Inner City Capital Connections program has helped inner city companies raise over $703 million in growth capital from investors.
  • ICIC’s Inner City 100 companies, nominated by a nationwide network of elected officials, economic developers, chambers of commerce and other businesses, have created over 76,000 new jobs between 1999 and 2013.
  • ICIC’s identification of $89 billion retail opportunity has stimulated investment in inner city locations, producing more choices and more jobs for residents – and profits for retailers.

ICIC’s work is dependent upon the commitment and involvement of a wide array of working partners: individuals, elected officials, economic developers, corporations, foundations and small business owners. Whether it’s nominating a company for the Inner City 100, participating in the What Works for Cities campaign, commissioning a study or accessing data about your inner city, there are many ways to get involved with ICIC's mission. 

Get Involved

  • Nominate a company: Do you know a fast-growing company? With nearly half a million companies located in U.S. inner cities, ICIC relies on a network of nominating partners to identify firms for our Inner City 100 and Inner City Capital Connections programs. You may nominate your own company or another business that meets the required qualifications.
  • Participate in the What Works for Cities Campaign: Are you looking to learn the best practices in economic development out there? The Inner City Economic Forum is the country’s most influential network focused on inner city economic development. Through a series of roundtables, webinars and discussions, participants share best practices for creating jobs and increasing investment in inner cities.
  • Exchange Ideas on ICIC's Blog: Do you have questions about issues impacting your business?  What you do think about the latest federal policies influencing urban economic development? Join the discussion on ICIC's blog where thought leaders and practitioners write aboout all issues affecting inner city businesses and economies.
  • Join a CEO Series Webinar: Are you looking for expertise from business leaders about your small business? ICIC's monthly CEO Series is a free, interactive webinar with senior executives who share their unique expertise.
  • Commission a study or city engagement: Does your city, corporation or institution need access to some of the leading urban thinkers and strategists? For more than 15 years, ICIC has advised clients about how to leverage inner city market opportunities to create jobs and increase revenues.
  • Make a contribution: Would you like to contribute to ICIC’s mission? ICIC is funded by an array of gifts and grants from corporations, foundations and individuals.

To learn more about what you or your organization can do with ICIC, contact Alexis Hyder at or 617-238-3016.


Voice of Urban Opportunity


How does Your City Stack Up?

ICIC invites you to get a market profile for your inner city and others.

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  • ICIC brings real insight to the question of  inner city economic development. I am optimistic that turning ICIC's insights into reality represents our best hope for bringing prosperity back to our urban cores.

Carl Stern,

Co-Chairman of the Board

The Boston Consulting Group

  • ICIC is the voice of inner cities future. They have been there. They know the potential. They know who to work with… and what works.

Barbara Berke,

Former Secretary of Economic Development

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

for our monthly Inner City Insights.

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